About us

Our brand was created by a lawyer who decided to follow her heart and chase after her lifelong dream of opening her very own, high fashion shoe line. Our founder was born with a strong passion for fashion and has always been eager to share her creativity with others. Her love for design has ignited both her desire and determination to offer sophisticated, eye-catching products on a global scale. 

Our project illustrates the personality of our creator and brings her vivid ideas to life through her distinctive designs. NHM’s collections feature a variety of vibrant colors, a mixture of materials, and an original blend of classic, traditional, and contemporary looks.  

We are inspired by the fusion of classic and modern styles and the opportunity to constantly create new design combinations and play with a wide range of tones and textures to maximize the diversity of our products and deliver unique styles to our customers. Imagination has no limits!

We strongly believe in the power of creative innovation and the beauty of adding new and exciting elements into our styles and personal lives. Therefore, our main objective is that you thoroughly enjoy our shoes and that they bring you just as much happiness as the creation of them brings to us. 

We want you to feel identified with NHM products and we hope that through our shoe line you can represent a fresh way of life and fashion. NHM invites you with open arms to discover more of our brand and newly introduced collections and recommendations of how to mix and match our products with your wardrobe!